Cornerstone Paving

Pattern Imprinted Concrete

A Driveway You’ll Never Have To Weed Again
Even the most carefully block paved, gravelled or tarmacadam driveways are vulnerable to tenacious weeds, moss and mould growth. With Cornerstone’s Pattern Imprinted Concrete, you can say goodbye to the most exasperating job on the gardening calendar, because our driveways are specially constructed to remain virtually weed and maintenance free for life.

Beauty That’s More Than Skin Deep
The special formulation we use contains a unique fibre reinforcement called ‘fibrin’ and millions of tiny air bubbles referred to as ‘plasticised air entrainment’. Together they help prevent our driveways ever sinking, spreading or cracking, the usual tell-tale signs of a less-than-thorough job.

Once sealed, the surface is actually 25% harder than concrete. So no matter how many feet, tyres or even clattering hooves, regularly make contact with it, your driveway will always look fresh and beautiful.

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