Cornerstone Paving


Frequently asked questions

Based on the South coast, we cover most locations within a 50 mile radius of Southampton.

There are 8 main patterns and 20 main colours. A wider variety of each is available if required. Please see our Patterns & Colours Page.

Yes. We install borders as standard at no extra cost.

As far as is needed for the conditions of use. Usually between 6-8” of which 4” is for the concrete.

There is always the risk of cracking, however, the risk is minimised by the use of crack control joints. If a crack does develop it is almost always barely visible. The air entrainment used, in the concrete mix, prevents the crack getting deeper or wider. The colours do not fade. If it appears as if they have, it means it is time for it to be re-sealed.

The crack control joints are cut to a depth of 25% of the slab and are cut in at regular intervals as recommend by British Standards. The crack control joint is then filled with mastic. If a crack should then occur, it will follow the direction of the joints and so would not be visible.

On the day the concrete is poured, it can be dusty especially if it is windy. The following day however, a power washer will be used to clean everything down.

Depending on wear and tear between 3-8 years. If you do not want to get it sealed again it is not necessary but it will become dull looking. A new coat of sealer brings it back to life.

Sections can be lifted and re-laid again leaving little or no colour difference.

Washing liquid is fine to use for clearing up most spillages like oil. For other spillages such as paint or cement we can apply special substances for removal if it fairly minor.

Do not apply salt directly to the surface. If salts appear, please call us as they can be treated quickly and easily.

Yes, you can view our gallery of installations by visiting our gallery page or if you would like to visit some actual installations, head over to our customer comments section to see a list of installation addresses near you.

We quite simply replace the manhole covers with new infill covers. These are then filled with the product you have chosen (Pattern Imprinted Concrete or Resin Bonded Stone). This disguises the manhole therefore enhancing your installation further.

From 1st October 2008, a submission for Planning Permission may be required for impermeable surfaces like Tarmac, Concrete, and Block Paving. Click here to find out more.

We offer a 10 year guarantee on all pattern imprinted concrete products and a 5 year guarantee on all block paving.