Cornerstone Paving

Block Paving

Cornerstone have been installing block paving for over 20 years.
When installing block paving we dig out an average depth of 200mm. We then install an average depth of 100mm Type-1 Roadstone. The blocks are then laid on a 50mm compacted sand screed. Once the installation has been completed by our trained craftsmen, we always advise the customer to have the newly paved area sealed with our specially formulated paving sealer. This will have the benefit of:-

  • Encapsulating the colour.
  • Making it easier for oil stains etc to be removed.
  • Helps slow down the onset of weed growth.
  • Bonds the joint filling sand to the blocks making it harder to movement to occur.
  • Prevents water seeping under the blocks, therefore helping prevent sinkage.

Once sealed, the surface is actually 25% harder than concrete. So no matter how many feet, tyres or even clattering hooves, regularly make contact with it, your driveway will always look fresh and beautiful.

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